“Treatments with Nicole have been highly beneficial. She was able to hold space and I felt free and encouraged to find my way towards insight, integration and resolution. She always encouraged me to tune in to my internal process for guidance which reaffirmed to me that I have the resources within me to find my way. I highly recommend Nicole as sensitive, respectful, skilled and wise therapist. She is good at what she does because she obviously loves it and is motivated by her compassion for others”   Murray Goodchild

“Just a few sessions with Nicole helped unravel a tangled thought process I’d been dealing with since childhood. Her warm approach and the atmosphere of the healing room was comforting which eased my insecurities and allowed me to open up. The methods she practiced has most certainly helped me reach the happy, contented space I’m enjoying now”

Cheree H


"Nicole truly has a gift for counselling. Her style allows me to speak in a place of safety and trust. I feel that I can talk about absolutely anything which means I am able to face anything and everything so that nothing is going to stop me from having peace and a better life. Our sessions were conducted over distance by phone"  Mark

“I was amazed at the impact Nicole's healing sessions could have even when conducted from a distance. Each time I experienced a profound shift in my physical body and my emotions: I saw a vision that provided clarity; a sense of a colour permeating my heartspace; I sensed she was working on specific areas of my body – my throat and stomach. She is a caring, thoughtful and insightful healer. She made sure I understood the process before it commenced and talked about what we had both gleaned from it afterwards so that I always felt in safe hands. The sessions left me feeling lighter, clearer, and more joyful”